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Lightweight Breathable Multipocket Sports Chest Bag

Lightweight Breathable Multipocket Sports Chest Bag

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Stay organized and hands-free with the Lightweight Breathable Multipocket Sports Chest Bag. This versatile chest bag is designed to keep your essentials within easy reach during sports activities, outdoor adventures, and daily commutes. With its lightweight and breathable construction, this bag offers comfort and convenience without compromising on style.


MULTIPOCKET DESIGN: The chest bag features multiple compartments and pockets, providing ample storage space for your essentials such as phone, keys, wallet, and more. Stay organized and keep everything you need at your fingertips.

CONVENIENT HEADPHONE JACK: Equipped with a portable headphone jack, you can enjoy seamless music and calls on the go and stay connected and entertained wherever you are, making every moment more vibrant.

STAY VISIBLE FOR SECURITY: Its weak light reflective material ensures safety during night travels, providing peace of mind with enhanced visibility in low-light conditions.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: Made with lightweight materials, this chest bag ensures easy carrying without adding unnecessary weight. It won't weigh you down during your workouts or outdoor activities, allowing you to move freely and comfortably.

BREATHABLE AND COMFORTABLE: The bag is designed with breathable metarial, promoting air circulation and preventing excessive sweating. Enjoy maximum comfort even during intense workouts or hot weather conditions.


Type: Lightweight Breathable Multipocket Sports Chest Bag

Material: nylon fabric

Size: 24*35*3(cm)

Weight: 0.24kg


1*Lightweight Breathable Multipocket Sports Chest Bag


Please allow slight deviations in measurements due to manual measurement.


The actual color of the bag may vary slightly due to lighting conditions and monitor settings.

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Lightweight Breathable Multipocket Sports Chest Bag
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